The new guidelines are posted  SEPTEMBER 1, 2019  on the bottom left corner.  Maryland HOSA uses the NAtional HOSA Competitive Event Guidelines.


Be sure to familiarize yourself with the GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS

MDHOSA Online Testing 

Registration opens 12/10/19

Cost:  $1.00 per Test

Online Testing   January 13-24, 2020 

Healthcare Issues Exam - $100.00 Award

MDHOSA SLC registration will open February 10,2020.

MDHOSA State Conference

Maryland HOSA uses the National HOSA Competitive Events guidelines.  

State Conference 

March 9 - 20, 2020

                                             Maryland HOSA Online Testing Competitions                                                                         2019-2020  IMPORTANT CHANGES

Maryland HOSA Online Testing Competitions registration will open December 10, 2019 and registration is $1.00 per test! You may take as many tests as you wish at $1.00 each.  (EX:  5 test = $5.00)

You may advance to the State Conference in ONLY one event.You must be a paid HOSA member in order to register and have a teacher or administrator to proctor the tests. The testing window will be January 13-24, 2020 Members may choose as many MDHOSA Online Tests as they can schedule in the two week testing window.  Consider registering for the Healthcare Issues Exam as this does not count as a competition but MDHOSA is entitled to send the top 2 competitors to the ILC.  After the test results are processed, the scores will will be emailed to your advisor.

Then members must choose ONE competitive event to compete in at the State Leadership Conference. If you do not qualify in an event with an online test qualifier, you may choose another event that does not have an OLT. Remember, the Recognition Events do not count as a competitive event and you may do any or all of them in addition to your competitive event.The following events will be available:  

Health Science Events

Behavioral Health OLT

Cultural Diversity and Disparities in Healthcare OLT

Dental Terminology OLT

Human Growth and Development OLT 

Medical Law and Ethics OLT 

Medical Math OLT

Medical Reading OLT

Medical Spelling OLT

Medical Terminology OLT

Nutrition OLT

Pathophysiology OLT

Pharmacology OLT

Health Professions Events 

Biomedical Laboratory Science  OLT

Clinical Specialty  Tallo SLC

Clinical Nursing   OLT

Dental Science  OLT

Home Health Aide   OLT

Medical Assisting  OLT

Nursing Assisting   OLT

Pharmacy Science  OLT

Physical Therapy   OLT

Sports Medicine   OLT

Veterinary Science   OLT

***Personal Care***

Emergency Preparedness Events 

CERT Skills (Team Event)  OLT

CPR/First Aid (Team Event)  OLT

Emergency Medical Technician (Team Event)  OLT

Epidemiology  OLT

MRC Partnership

Public Health  Tallo SLC

***Life Support Skills***


Extemporaneous Health Poster  Tallo SLC

Extemporaneous Writing   Tallo SLC

Health Career Photography   Tallo SLC

Healthy Lifestyle OLT  

Job Seeking Skills  Tallo SLC

Organizational Leadership  OLT

Prepared Speaking Tallo SLC

Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking  Tallo SLC

***Interviewing Skills***

***Speaking Skills***

Teamwork Events

Biomedical Debate (Team Event) OLT

Community Awareness (Team Event)   Tallo SLC

Creative Problem Solving (Team Event) OL , Tallo

Forensic Medicine (Team Event)  OLT, Tallo

Health Career Display  (Team Event) Tallo SLC 

Health Education  (Team Event) Tallo SLC

HOSA Bowl (Team Event)  OLT

Medical Innovation (Team Event)  Tallo SLC

Parliamentary Procedure (Team Event)  OLT

Public Service Announcement (Team Event)  Tallo SLC

Recognition Events

Healthcare Issues Exam   OLT

Barbara James Service Award

HOSA Happenings

HOSA Service Project

MDHOSA SLC registration will open February 10, 2020.

MDHOSA State Conference 

March 9 - 20, 2020

Affiliation, Conference Registration, and registering a proctor can all be started here -  If you have not been assigned a charter/password yet or have any questions, please contact Jane Shovlin at or call 520-820-5840.  

National Geographic Learning Academic Testing Center

(These are tests you can register for at the ILC in June)

Allied Test Statistics

Anatomy & Physiology




Genes at Chemistry

Human Heredity

Medical Math Advanced


Organic Chemistry

Physics College